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A Daughter-In-Law Takes Her Father-In-Law For A Fun Ride

We had just returned to India, from U.S., after spending 6 weeks vacations with my son, daughter-in-law, and grand-daughter. We had left Tessy. our little dog, with a youngster, who stayed in our house, in our absence. A cool tie up! Tessy was fine, and the boy had done a good job.

There was a telephone ring.

Caller: “Hello! Is it Mr CS Arora?”

Me: “Yes, who is calling?”

Caller: “Am I speaking to Mr CS Arora?

Me: Yes.

Caller: Sir, we have been supplying pizza at your residence, daily for last month and a half. We haven’t received any payment, so far. I am sending pizza today as well, with the bill. Please pay all.

Me: Hold on, I never ordered. Please stop sending pizzas. Who has ordered?

Caller: Sir, is your phone number 27896709?

Me: Yes, but why have you kept bills pending for last, one month? Can I speak to your manager?

Caller: O.K., but we got call from this number daily, and pizza was delivered.

Me: At what address, you delivered;?

Caller: Is 77 Gun Rock Enclave, your address?

Me: Yes, but whom did you give pizza here?

Caller: There is a caretaker, a young boy, who said the house-owner will come and pay.

Me: It is OK. How did you supply for a month without receiving any money? Can I talk to your manager?

* The caretaker boy was a simple soul. May be he invited a friend in the our house, in our absence, when he was looking after Tessy. That boy could have made a smart move and ordered pizza, from our telephone. But it was smelling fishy, and unrealistic. I failed to decode the mystery. Is the caretaker boy exploiting our generosity, and playing unfair game?

Niti: O papa, it is Simi. Relax.

* Niti is my son. Simi is my daughter-in-law, who were our host in U.S. for 6 weeks

Me: I recognised Simi’s voice. I said ‘hello Simi’ first time. Later I got confused.

Simi: Come on papa. Don’t make stories now.

Me: But well done, and keep it up.

* I was feeling awkward, and embarrassed. But then I thought: Thank You, God, for a pure fun! In pure fun, there is zero tolerance for laughing at others. The planned prank-victim, is carefully selected, who is not over-sensitive.

Me: Thank you Simi. Keep it up. God bless you.

* A daughter playing such a prank with father is no big deal, but a daughter-in-law playing such a prank with father-in-law is not very common. The reason! We are more natural, spontaneous with God-made relation, than with man-made relations. There is at best a superficial cordiality, a protocol all around, all the time. We need to break these chains of protocol, and have fun. So thank you my daughter-in-law for playing the role of a daughter. It displays warmth, which we need, as we grow old and start feeling lonely.

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