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Best Hairstyles

Baby soft, Angelic, baby hair, silky soft, and delicately feminine, these are some of the very few expressions used to describe the beauty of fine hair. It has a touchable and beautiful texture. Fine hair is typically being confused with the thin hair. Fine hair could actually be sparse and abundant, but the thing that makes the hair fine is the diameter of each hair strand. The diameter of each hair strand is smaller than the average hair. It has more tendencies to fall out and is more prone to damage because of its delicate texture. Due to its smaller diameter, fine hair can also be prone to the styling challenges.

Asymmetric Pixie:

To add more versatility to your look, you can give an asymmetric feel to the pixie. This beautiful short haircut can be styled more beautifully if you have long length. You can wear it in many different ways, like to curl it, with or without texture or wear it straight.

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How To Style:

After applying a styling product to your hair, blows dry your hair with a styling brush.
Then, with the help of a flat iron, smooth the length on top.
Now apply any styling product for texture.

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Volumized Bob:

To give the illusion of higher graduation, give a bob a lot of volumes. This is a very easy hairstyle which suits all face shapes with hair that is fine to medium in texture and low to medium in density.

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How To Style:

At first, apply a styling product to the hair.
Now, blow dry the hair with a round brush and lift each section as far away from the natural fall as you can.
Once your hair is all dry, tie them to the crown area using a clean comb.
With the help of a firm Hairspray, set this backcombing.
At the end, set the entire look with the help of a lightweight finishing spray.

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