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Get Rid of Dark Spots

Appearance of ugly dark spots on the facial and body skin is an annoying condition that may affect both males and females. The people, who are suffering through this terrible skin disorder, try different cosmetic and surgical treatments to get rid of dark spots but don’t find satisfying results. If you also are one of them, stop wasting your hard-earned money on these unsuccessful methods. Instead of commercial products and painful surgical treatments, try some home remedies for dark spots. Before reading some natural remedies for dark spots, have a look at the causes.

Causes of Dark Spots on skin

Hormonal changes are one of the leading causes of formation of dark spots. This variation in hormones generally occur during puberty. Along with the hormonal changes, some other factors also lead the development of dark skin discoloration such as wearing tight under garments, using uncomfortable hair removal techniques, environmental pollution, direct exposure to harsh sunrays and heredity etc.

You can keep this terrible condition at bay by consuming healthy and skin-nourishing diet accompanied by a lot of water. The citric fruits are extremely effective in this regard because citric fruits contain a high amount of vitamin C that benefits the skin by maintaining the elasticity and regenerating fresh cell. It also protects the skin cells from getting effected by free radicals.

Natural Tips to Get Rid of Dark Spots

• Apply the mixture of turmeric, milk and tomato for about fifteen minutes to lighten the dark spots. Use this remedy once a day for at least two weeks to get observable results.

• The combination of lemon juice and aloe Vera works excellently to diminish the dark spots. Both ingredients are loaded with antioxidants, so helps you get perfect and flawless skin.

• Another most effective home remedy for dark spots in applying the potato paste on the affected area for few minutes.

• The appearance of dark spots and skin discoloration can be lightened by eating carrots every day. The consumption of carrots also ensures enhanced glow of skin.

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