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Nail Art Designs

If you want to look fresh and young then your dress for a special event can be complimented by nail art designs. Some step by step guide on how to do nail art for attractive look. This can also add a unique touch to your personality on a daily basis. There’s a myth that nail art can only be done perfectly by the professionals, but it’s absolutely wrong. As there are some designs and patterns which you can try at home by yourself and compliment your personality with it. If talking about the designs and patterns, I prefer polka dots, jewels and glitter, marbling, duo-tones, stamping or the blending colors in order to create a gorgeous effect.

Prepare Your Nails

Clean your nail that removes any previously applied nail paint. Start with a clean slate to get the neat look.

File And Trim Your Nails

First of all, shape your nails properly and trim them if needed. But don’t trim them too short as nail art looks more awesome on long nails.

Apply A Base Coat

These base coats are of great importance as they protect your nails from any kind of damage by any nail art material including nail polish. Never forget to apply a base coat. Apply it and let it dry before proceeding further. They are usually transparent or bluish in color; you may choose whichever you want.

Place A French Manicure Sticker Across Your Nail

Leave the tip exposed and place a French manicure across your nail. In case, you don’t have it then you may use any sticker of the same shape.

Paint The Tip Color Above The Sticker

Overlap the paint with the sticker; it’ll give it a unique look. And don’t forget to remove the sticker while the nail paint is still wet.

Let The Paint Dry

Give it time to dry and then at last finish it off with a clear top nail paint coat.

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