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Retinol: A Time Tested Anti-­Aging Wonder

Retinol, a form of Vitamin A, boasts many uses for the skin. Targeting in on its anti-aging effects, retinol has been found to help stimulate collagen production which rebuilds cells and keeps them functioning as if they have been renewed instead of damaged (Source:JAMA).

Huffington Post recently covered this topic and calling retinol “the one thing all dermatologists agree on.” Dr. Jackson a dermatologist and associate professor of dermatology at UNC at Chapel Hill says “I do not know anyone over age 25 who could not benefit from a nightly retinol product.” (Source: HuffPost)

For the skin this means that many aging signs can be slowed down. One long ­term research study conducted at University of Michigan’s Department of Dermatology asked 36 nursing home residents, mostly in their 80s, to apply a retinol lotion on one arm and a plain lotion on the other arm for 6 months. Their wrinkles and deep lines were less visible and noticeably reduced on the arm where the retinol cream was applied. The results show that signs of aging can be slowed not just with photoaging (premature) skin but with skin that has aged naturally and not due to external triggers and illnesses (Source: NCBI).

“You can rub it anywhere and it will treat signs of aging” said John J. Voorhees, M.D., chair at UM’s Dermatology Department (Source: UMich).

Be ahead of the game and try a proven ingredient that works and has already helped thousands improve their skin.

Our editor’s recommended product with retinol is Sisleya Global Anti-Aging Cream

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