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Tips For Beautiful Skin

There are so many things that we talk about and we try to get and make our skin beautiful and healthy and there are so many things that we get from our family and we see our mom, sis and grand ma using all of that to get beautiful skin, so we normally believe on things that we see our family to use instead those things that we see in the market, I personally use things that I saw my family to use and that is what I am sharing with all of you today, serum is new things for most of the people, but I know one things that my grandma use to use for her skin for ages and that look like a serum and it work really brilliantly on the skin, I have oily skin and it is very good for my skin and my sister has a acne free dry skin and it work perfectly for that too, so I can say that it is for everyone.

To make this homemade serum you need to take eight tablespoons of sandalwood oil, then you need to add two teaspoons of almond oil and one tablespoon of honey in it and if you feel it is getting too thick then you can add four tablespoons of rosewater and 4 tablespoons of orange flower extract in it too and mix it well and then at the end you need to add 5 grams baking soda in it and mix well and now you need to stores that mixture in a cool place, you can keep it in the refrigerator too and start using it in the morning and in just before the bed time after cleansing and you will see the magical results in no a week.

With that you can keep these simple things in your day to day routine and I can assure you that you will never buy ready to buy things and product for your skin and your body.

Cucumber juice is an excellent thing for skin, it is not only a very good natural astringent which keep the skin healthy and tight, but it is very good for good to cure sun damaged skin too and it is very simple to use too, you can blend a cucumber and apply the whole mixture on your face for 20 minutes and then wash it off to see the result.

Rose water is an effective astringent, mild and gentle and it is not only very good for oily skin, but it is very good to moisturizer a dry skin too and it is the most simplest thing that you can use to get beautiful skin, you just need to start using it on your face compel of times during the day to clean your face and your neck and it not only clean your face, but it will make your skin glow too.

If you make a tomato pulp in the morning and apply that on oily and combination skin for 20 minutes and then scrub it off and take a shower with chilled water then it will actually make your skin fairer and smoother and you will keep looking fresh though out the day.

A mixture of Lemon juice, dry milk and some yogurt is not only very good for the skin, but it is best thing that you can use to clean the skin for beautiful skin and blackheads from deep layers of skin too.

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