Best BBQ Temperature Controller (TOP 11 CHOICES)

Smoking meat can be a tiresome and thankless job occasionally. The results are incredible, it can not be refuted. There is nothing like biting into that very first juicy, smoky, tasty bite of brisket or ribs after preparing it reduced and reduced for hours. The anticipation has built for as long the reward is well worth it. However, it’s time-consuming and stressful somehow, particularly when you require to make the option between resting peacefully or otherwise ruining your meat.

That’s where temperature level controllers come in, immediately regulating the warmth of your grill so everything appears excellent every time. Allow’s take a glance at what we’re trying to find in Best BBQ Temperature Control, and then use that to some reviews!

Leading 11 Best BBQ Temperature Controller Reviews

1. Best overall – Flame Boss 500-WiFi Smoker Controller

best bbq temperature controllerWhile not qualified water evidence or immune, the version is strong sufficient, and you should not have to worry excessive concerning it getting wet (simply make sure it’s covered when outside for a long time; you don’t want to check it in an electrical storm).

The best part regarding this controller is how very easy it is to set up and also make use of it. It’s someone’s job and also pretty quick to boot, slotting in with a minimal problem and presenting a slim profile once you’re done, with all the cords well arranged and streamlined.

The tool itself is easily regulated by a range of techniques. You can establish it or adjust it on the face of the tool itself, though the little buttons are unquestionably a bit tough to utilize compared to the other choices. It can additionally be wi-fi controlled from your phone or computer system, or even voice turned on; it has compatibility with both Alexa as well as Google House for smooth voice control.


  • Superb performance.
  • Sturdy buildings can endure the most basic climate.
  • Easy to mount.
  • Easy To Use.
  • Versatile control choices with support for handbook, wi-fi controls, and voice controls with Alexa and also Google Home.


  • Inappropriate with Kamado or various other ceramic grills, gas or gas grills, and electric grills.

2. Runner up – DigiQ BBQ Temperature Control

best bbq temperature controllerThe convenience is what takes the largest hit. This temperature controller is just controllable from the gadget itself, similar to managing your oven. The switches on this set are better than on the Fire Manager 500, being a little bit tight yet very durable and easily pressable.

It enables extremely accurate temperature level managing and also will immediately manage the temperature equally as well as you would certainly expect from any other temperature controller.

Overall this is rather an excellent temperature controller in terms of overall performance yet is poor value in a lot of means, regrettably. The cost is high (about 25% greater than our champion, a difference of over $100 in rate) as well as what you obtain for that cost appears pretty sporadic. It is not nearly as versatile, only being functional with a little, niche set of grills and has far fewer options for control.


  • Compatible with all major ceramic and Kamado style grill brands.
  • Easy to press switches and controls.
  • Sturdy plastic construction.


  • High Cost Of What It Uses.
  • Only services niche grill types.

3. Best Mid-range – CyberQ BBQ Temperature Controller and Digital Meat Thermometer

best bbq temperature controllerThis temperature controller is specially created for smoking in the upper end of the cool smoking cigarettes temperature varieties; in between 180 and also 250 levels Fahrenheit. It can be controlled using the console with very great arrowhead-shaped switches that are simple to push and make its LED display screen less complicated to browse than a lot of various other similar alternatives might be.

It installs easily, using a number of packages available from the manufacturer. You pick your grill kind as well as brand as well as, if your grill works, they can send you a set to utilize it. This works with a relatively small option of grills: Weber, Big Eco-friendly Egg, Cypress Grills, Kamado Joe, DragonFire Grill, Primo Grills, Ceramic Grills, and also Vision Classic, however, it behaves to have a version that works both on all the major ceramic brands and several of the much more common traditional charcoal as well as wood grills and cigarette smokers also (Weber and also Primo).


  • Versatile in both controls and also usage, with a voice as well as manual control and a wide array of grills it works with.
  • Tough building.
  • Easy to push switches.
  • Easy to use and also mount.
  • Terrific cost.


  • Inappropriate with a great deal of greater end grill brands (Traeger, Rec-Tec, and so on).

4. Best budget – DigiQ DX3 BBQ Temperature Controller and Digital Meat Thermometer

best bbq temperature controllerIt’s not fancy, by any means, with a barebones manage scheme. It has no wi-fi or voice control options, yet the buttons are easy to press. The options are fairly low, with a challenging to browse food selection which is annoying to make use of if you want to fiddle with preset choices. The box itself is durable, as are all various other component parts, and also it works rather well of what it does.

My favored function is probably the “ramp setting”. When the meat probes (which are themselves rather excellent quality) identify that the meat is within 30 levels of the set did temperature level, it immediately begins ramping down the heat. This means that there’s no real thrill once the sign begins beeping that the meat is done; the temperature has actually already been gradually ramping down, and shouldn’t overcook with just a couple of more minutes of cooking while you end up whatever you’re presently in the middle of.

It collaborates with a wide variety of grills too, much more than the older Dx2.

So all of the significant ceramic or Kamado design grill brand names, plus Weber and Primo for your more traditional grills that use charcoal or timber to make their fire and smoke.


  • Functions with a broader selection of grills than various other BARBEQUE Master barbeque temperature controllers.
  • Really affordable price.
  • Easy to install and also use.


  • The control system is a bit ridiculous to utilize, specifically when browsing the alternatives menu.

5. Best Big Green Egg Temperature Controller – PartyQ BBQ Temperature Controller

best bbq temperature controllerUnlike the majority of temperature level controllers, this device is battery powered, making it the perfect model for traveling. Whether you’re taking it on a camping trip (or expanded cabin keep) with your grill or smoker, or playing amateur grill master at your buddy’s home, this lightweight and also portable temperature controller can choose you anywhere and is compatible with a huge variety of grills, similar to a lot of the better BBQ Guru models.

There are no presets, no different control choices (like the wi-fi controls or voice control choices), and all-around second best to advise it in terms of performance.

The cost, though, can not be denied to be an outstanding value, and the mobility is really interesting. I would certainly never ever suggest buying it as your main bbq temperature controller, yet as a backup design to keep in your auto or vehicle and afterward utilize while traveling or camping it serves wonderfully.


  • Extremely mobile battery-powered version.
  • Very flexible in the number of grills it can be used with.
  • Extremely low cost.


  • Really Minimalistic Style With Control Scheme.

6. Best Temperature Controller for Smoker – LavaLock? 4-Probe Automatic BBQ Controller

best bbq temperature controllerThe control system behaves, using a handle to alter the temperature as opposed to switches (constantly extra comfortable to me than mashing tiny switches). It has no wi-fi or voice control alternatives, sadly, however, the manual option is high sufficient quality to make that less of a problem than several of the other temperature level controllers we’ve looked at today.

The system supports readouts for approximately 4 meat probes at the same time, which is absolutely remarkable. You can formulate to 4 completely various types of meals at the same time and this unit will certainly maintain the ideal track of all of them, permitting you to relax and also unwind instead of needing to shuffle between manually inspecting all of them simultaneously.

The readout has large print as well as clear, simple to review numbers which is a wonderful addition as well as allows you see the readout from a good distance away; check on it from the comfort of your easy chair or patio seat. The system itself is really sturdy stainless-steel, as well as if well kept might last you decades or more.


  • Incredible support for 4 synchronized meat probes.
  • Durable stainless steel construction.
  • Terrific knob for temperature control; much easier than pushing tiny switches lots of times.
  • Easy to establish as well as utilize.
  • Suitable with a significant selection of cigarette smoker brands and also variations, consisting of the Big Eco-friendly Egg and also other Kamado design grills.


  • Not suitable for a lot of smokers as well as grill combination units, which are a whole lot a lot more common than standalone cigarette smokers.

7. The Best Low Tech Option – IQ120 BBQ Temperature Regulator Kit

best bbq temperature controllerThis model is a really trimmed unit. This offers it a couple of interesting positives over lots of other barbeque temperature controllers, but also some raw disadvantages you’ll want to take into consideration.

The compatibility with grills and smokers is outstanding; it collaborates with just about whatever, as well as succeeds with pot grills of any type of brand you would certainly like the name (specifically Weber grills).

The interface is as simplified as it obtains. You have a solitary stiff, little handle that manages the temperature, and that’s it. The cup and also pipe goes over your smoke pile, the system hangs on whatever is convenient nearby, as well as the meat probes (rather basic, however serviceable single-density meat probes) go in the meat, you connect it in, as well as it’s ready to get to smoking.

There’s not a whole lot else to say regarding this model’s functions. It’s as basic as it gets.

That by itself is great … however, what isn’t is the cost. For the same rate as a far better model (like the excellent Lava Lock over), you obtain far less efficiency. The just great tradeoff here is the convenience; it collaborates with practically anything, however, given there are a number of much more specialized models like the Lava Lock, CyberQ, and DigiQ Dx3 around for the exact same rate, you can simply have your pick of them for whatever type of grill you’re making use of and also appreciate far better efficiency.

As it is, it’s really challenging to suggest this model for any person.


  • Extremely easy to mount and also make use of.
  • Works with practically any grill.


  • As barebones as it gets.
  • Extremely bad worth for the rate.

8. BBQube TempMaster Pro BBQ Temperature Controller

best bbq temperature controllerThis little block of equipment packs even more than you could anticipate.

The control system behaves. The knob behaves and grippy, with a very easy to transform yet not overly twisty handle. I couldn’t transform it to flick it up to 400 levels in one shot, however, neither do I need to stress to get it to click from location to location; it’s just right.

It includes compatibility for 4 synchronized meat probes, which the producer proclaims as being 5 times faster than their competitor’s meat probes. They’re definitely excellent; though my praise for the handle does not reach the tiny, frustratingly hard to push switches that manage the power as well as lower LED screen.

The interface is additionally incredibly dated for the LEDs; they’re the sort of lights I would certainly anticipate to discolor and expand fuzzy after a couple of years, which isn’t what you want to see.

Still, the versatility is interesting. It can be used equally as a meat probe, or as a barbeque temperature level controller. It is additionally obviously ideal for cooking food sous vide (boiling it in a vacuum secured bundle and after that gradually bringing the temperature level down till it’s cooked), which is an actually interesting niche to fill up.

For the cost (which is on the lower end) it’s a wonderful device from BBQube. If you find yourself cooking food sous vide extremely often (great for pork, for the most part, or tempering delicious chocolate) it could be worth grabbing.


  • An excellent flexible device with special sous vides features.
  • Easy to transform handle.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Really durable.
  • Great rate.


  • Outdated LEDs.
  • Bothersome buttons for reduced LED display controls.

9. DigiQ BBQ Temperature Controller, Digital Meat Thermometer

best bbq temperature controllerThis is a somewhat various variation of the DigiQ Dx2 design over. Much of what I claimed about that version uses here.

The buttons are serviceable, and also fairly simple to press, though kind of tiny as well as fiddly. The interface is minimalist and also the food selection fairly irritating to browse with simply the switches presented. It has no extra support for wi-fi or voice control plans.

It has a durable body, a minimum of, which implies it will certainly endure usage for an excellent quantity of time.

The main concerns with this one depending on its restricted usage as well as its cost. The efficiency is fine, however, the use is a niche, as well as the rate, is ridiculous wherefore it provides.

This is made use of for a Weber grill, and also not even all of them; particularly the Weber Smokey Hill Cooker. While the follower that comes with it is great (the Pit Viper follower is a little bit bulky, yet well worth it), working with only one line of grills from one brand name is really restricting.

Even if you do have that grill, the efficiency does not validate the huge price tag positioned on this version. It is really tough to see a scenario where this surpasses another temperature controller to a huge enough degree to warrant this massive cost.


  • Solid efficiency.
  • Great building and construction.
  • Outstanding “Pit Viper” fan.


  • Incredibly limited use in terms of brand names and also designs it’s compatible with.
  • Exorbitant rate of what it provides.

10. Best For Kamado Grills – IQ110 BBQ Temperature Regulator Kit

best bbq temperature controllerJust like the INTELLIGENCE 120 over, this fills up the niche of an inexpensive “low tech” temperature controller. Unlike that design though, there is far more to recommend this temperature level controller over that other one.

For beginners, it’s focused on Kamado style grills as opposed to typical pot grills (which most various other temperature level controllers work with as a matter of course). This offers it a lot more of a factor to exist than the various other models in this line.

The presentation is still utterly bare bones. The temperature level is regulated by a single handle (though this has no LED display screen, opting for printed numbers), and also you just hang it anywhere is convenient. The meat probe is of much reduced top quality, as well as you’re probably most likely to want to change it asap.

The hosepipe works with basically any Kamado grill, which often tends to have bottom-placed airing vent, unlike a kettle grill that is vented from the top.

To round points out the price is way lower than the IQ 120, tempering buying it as compared to similarly priced but much more effective models. Throughout a solid option for Kamado design grills.


  • Easy to establish as well as get going within mins.
  • Suitable with almost all Kamado style grills.
  • Really small cost.


  • Incredibly minimalistic user interface.

11. Auber Instruments WiFi BBQ Controller for Large Big Green Eggs

best bbq temperature controllerThis is an excellent version marred by an extremely slim band of supported items.

If you possess a Big Eco-friendly Egg (tool or huge just), a Primo Oval XL, an older model Akorn Kamado, or a Kamado Joe grill: congratulations, this is pretty much the very best possible temperature level controller on the marketplace for you.

If not, however, you’re out of luck.

The rate on this is exceptional, being smack dab in the middle of the rate array. It has 2 fantastic meat probes that properly read temperature levels. The temperature control is out of this world, and application regulated PID version with extremely tight reins on temperature control over long cooking times.

Establishing the temperature levels is very easy, with lots of presets as well as hands-on choices (though the buttons are ridiculous and also little). Avoiding that small drawback I discussed, it can be managed through wi-fi from an application on your phone, tablet computer, or computer.

It has open cover discovery and also a ton of various other excellent quality of life attributes you search for in these temperature level controllers.

I can not suggest this set enough. It’s a great unit at a terrific rate … if you happen to have among the 5 grills it collaborates with.


  • Excellent performance.
  • Excellent meat probes.
  • Exceptional lifestyle features.
  • Flexible control techniques.
  • Easy to mount as well as utilize.
  • Superb pricing.


  • Functions with a ridiculously small number of grills.

Final Decision

Every one of these, save for the IQ 120, are excellent models in their own method. My individual favorites are the Fire Boss 500, the CyberQ Cloud, and the Lava Lock temperature level, controllers.

All 3 models offer piece de resistance with an easy to use interface, at practical rates wherefore they provide. The rest on this checklist are flawed in some significant method; either they have some performance deficiency, or they’re difficult to manage or set up, or they work with a slim band of products (the only thing leaving that outstanding Auber Instruments version off of this final suggestion), etc. that makes it hard to advise them, mainly since they are outperformed by other temperature controllers in their similar rate variety.

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